What does the Computation tab do?

PowerSteering will compute the value of a line item based on a formula that is configured using the template's line items and supported operators when all of the following conditions are true:

  • The line item is not a Static or Separator item.
  • The line item does not already contain data.
  • The line item does not have a constraint.

This article describes how to define formulas on the Computation tab.

1. Select Line Item

  • Click the line item that you want to create a formula for. Formulas can be created in either the formula builder or the free-form text field depending on your preferences.

2. Create Formula With Formula Builder

  1. Select line items and operators from the context sensitive drop-down menus.
  2. Click Save.

2.1. Create Formula in Free-From Text Field

  1. Click Text Mode.
  2. Enter the formula in the free-form text field, using [#] to represent line items, where # is the line item's number. There is no need to enter the "equals" part of the equation.
  3. Click Save.

3. View Formula

  1. View the newly created formula associated with the line item.
  2. After formulas have been entered for all applicable line items, click Next.


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