Resolved Issues

Below is a summary of the main issues addressed by this service pack.  Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Note: This page could be updated as new information becomes available.

1. Custom Fields

  • Fixed an issue that prevented user permissions from being respected for custom fields. When 'Apply Permissions' is selected, only users with the Edit Custom Fields permission will be able to edit the custom field.

2. Dashboard

  • Improved Dashboard performance for cases when large portfolios are in use.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Dashboard entries to be incomplete when using a portfolio with programs.

3. Measures

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Mass Attach function from working when tollgate non-project object types were present in the selected portfolio.

4. Project Creation

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the sequence number from being appended to project names when a template's root work had no children.
  • Disabled calculation of auto-attached measures when creating new projects and adding them to a program. A pop-up will be displayed notifying users that the calculations are not happening automatically at that time.

5. Reporting / Report Wizard

  • Fixed an issue that prevented changes to Report Wizard metric reports from being saved if Rolling Periods was selected as the Track Period.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to be directed to the Home page rather than the Project Summary page when clicking project links in reports that were exported in Excel format.


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