Resolved Issues

Sunday, December 4, 2016 – During this standard maintenance period, the following issues were addressed by this controlled release. Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Note: This page could be updated as new information becomes available.

1. Costs

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error to occur when Actual Costs were updated.

2. Custom Reports

  • In Version 16.2, PowerSteering attempted to fix a reporting issue found by our internal QA team. This issue was not a normal use case, but could occur in certain scenarios when removing custom field associations from work types. The fix for this issue resulted in a change to a database view used by several of our client's custom reports. We've reverted this change in this controlled release, and decided to re-think our approach going forward, including doing more thorough testing of database view changes.

3. Dashboard / Program Console

  • In Version 16.1, in an effort to optimize the display of large Program Consoles, Program Groups were made to be collapsed by default in both the Program Console and on the Dashboard. This change was reverted in this controlled release after hearing feedback from many customers. We will continue to investigate ways to optimize and improve these features in the future.


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