Administrator Release Notes and Instructions

The following information has been written to help Administrators understand the impact of the v17 release.

1. Features Available Immediately Without Configuration

These are the features and/or changes that users will see when v17 is released into production. Some features will only be visible to some users based on existing permissions and other configurations, but there are no new configurations or permissions that control whether users will  see the changes. In general, these are the features that you will need to notify users about.

  • Projects can be associated with Programs during project creation.
  • The maximum row height for Dashboard columns has increased to 4 rows.
  • A progress indicator has been added to the status of data extract jobs.
  • Tag visibility rules are now applied in Project Central.
  • Custom Fields can now be edited in Project Central.
  • Copy / Paste Functionality has been added to Project Central.
  • A new report type has been added to the Report Wizard: Profile Data -- by Proxy.
  • A Programs option has been added to user defined metric value columns in the Report Wizard.
  • The user interface has been updated to clearly display the file types that are accepted for tag import files.
  • A progress indicator has been added for workflow action items. Note: This new feature affects only those customers that have Workflow Manager enabled.

2. Features That Require Configuration by an Administrator Before They Can Be Used

Administrators will see new configuration options, but there is no impact on users until the features have been set up by an Administrator.

  • Work Generation information can now be viewed in Administrator Logs.
  • Custom report data extract jobs can now be created.
  • Workflow can be cancelled, paused, and resumed. A new Project Task permission, "Pause/Resume or Cancel workflow" controls whether users have permission to cancel, pause and resume workflow. Note: This new feature affects only those customers that have Workflow Manager enabled.
  • A Tie Workflow Status option has been added to the Workflow menu. Note: This new feature affects only those customers that have Workflow Manager enabled.
  • Phases can be automatically advanced by the workflow.  Note: This new feature affects only those customers that have Workflow Manager enabled.
  • WA:currentPhase has been added as a PowerSteering Field for Workflow Manager. Note: This new feature affects only those customers that have Workflow Manager enabled.

3. Features That Must be Enabled/Configured by PowerSteering Before They Are Available

These features will not be visible to Administrators or users until a request has been made to PowerSteering to enable and/or configure the feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in either of these features.

  • Measures - Project Local Currency Calculation
  • Advanced Timesheet

4. Additional Administrator Information

Below is additional information for Administrators.

  • The Performance Monitor has been updated to include Data Extract jobs under "Reports".
  • Logging for Data Extract has been improved.
  • An option has been added for Data Extract to switch the default local storage folder to a configured folder.
  • REST services have been improved to work on any application server.

The following improvements have been made to the REST API:

  • The ProjectService methods (i.e., /project/<id>, /projects, etc.). that return project data will include the project ‘id’ attribute as an XML attribute instead of as a tag.
  • REST API usage examples for different service parameters have been added for all exposed integration services. They are linked from the API documentation through the ‘examples’ link and can be launched with the following URL: http://<host:port>/<context>/rest/documentation/v1/examples?service=<service>#more
  • New service methods have been added:
Download All Works
Service: /projectservice
Method: /downloadAllWorks
Link: http://<host:port>/<context>/rest/projectservice/v1/downloadAllWorks
Description Returns paged list of work items that were changed in a specific period. Includes work items of all object types, including projects.

Sychronize Timesheets
Service: /timesheetservice
Method: /syncTimesheets
Link: http://<host:port>/<context>/rest/timesheetservice/v1/syncTimesheets
Description Updates existing timesheet entries by User ID, Project ID and entry date rather than Timesheet ID. Entries with amount equals 0 will be removed.

Phase Advance for Gated Projects
Service: /fbworkflowservice
Method: /phaseadvance
Link: http://<host:port>/<context>/rest/fbworkflowservice/v1/phaseadvance
Description Phase advance REST API that talks to the phase gates to advance them automatically. This REST API is called from workflow to integrate with PowerSteering gated projects.


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