Resolved Issues

Below is a summary of the main issues addressed by this service pack.  Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

For information about all of the exciting new features that were included in the major release for v16, please see the PowerSteering v16 Release Notes chapter.

Note: This page could be updated as new information becomes available.

1. Agents

  • Optimizations were made to improve Agent performance and to help Agent Tasks run closer to their scheduled times.

2. Certification

  • Fixed an issue that prevented tag value updates on the Certification page from being saved.

3. Dashboard/Program Console

  • Fixed an issue that caused information to be excluded from Dashboard and Program Console export files when the Dashboard or Program Console view displayed a large number of items.

4. Inbox

  • Fixed an issue that caused the PowerSteering Inbox to be inaccessible when localization files for the selected language were missing.

5. Project Central

  • Updated Project Central rules so that:
    1. When % Allocation is updated for a manually scheduled project with descendants (with % Allocation as the calculated field), Effort is adjusted and Effort becomes the calculated field.
    2. Duration cannot be selected as the calculated field for manually scheduled projects.

6. Project Creation

  • Fixed an issue that prevented templated projects from appearing in the Work Type drop down menu during project creation.

7. Reports / Report Wizard

  • Fixed an issue with Resource Utilization reports that caused unnecessary all zero, no role rows.
  • Optimized the process for pro-rated Report Wizard columns to improve report performance.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented reports from running due to unsupported characters.

8. Single Sign-On

  • Corrected the logout redirects for single sign-on environments.

9. Tags

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when adding new tag dependencies or previewing and viewing/editing existing tag dependencies.

10. Timesheets

  • Fixed an issue that caused time entries to be inconsistent between Timesheets and Manage Time when time was entered for the same work item using multiple browser sessions.