Working with Issues in v17.3

The Issues page, accessible through Project, has been redesigned for version 17.3, now reflecting a more modern and tabular look.

This revamped Issues page is Phase 1 of the User Interface and User Experience improvements that you can expect to see in the coming major releases for Issues and other PowerSteering features.

For those new to Issues, an issue is something posing an active problem for a Project.  Issues can be created independently, or they can be created from discussions or risks.

Please note that with these improvements are being applied in a phased manner, therefore within this Phase 1, it is only the Issues page that has been updated, while the other associated areas from where Issues can be accessed and/or created, for the time being, still have the familiar interface.  Moreover, the logic and functions behind, and permissions tied to, Issues, have all been maintained.

1. View Video Tutorial

  • Click the play button to view this informative video about the newly redesigned Issues page.


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