New Features

Below is a summary of the features included in the PowerSteering v15 release. For a short video tutorial of each feature, see the What's New v15 Client Webinar.

1. Project Name Visible on Action Items

Description: The Project Name is now displayed on Action Items.

Benefit: Users are able to easily see which project an action item is associated with.

Use Case: Charles has been assigned to several action items that all have the same name, but are associated with different projects. When he looks at the My Action Items module on his Home Page, he can see which project each action item is associated with instead of having to click on the Location icon or navigate to each action item separately.

Note: Action Item is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. Your organization may use a different label to represent action items on your site.

2. Email Text Improvement

Email Text Improvement

Description: The text that appears on emails generated from PowerSteering has been improved.

Benefit: Users are able to easily see what additional action is necessary in order to address questions and notifications sent via email.

Use Case: Lia has been assigned as a gate approver on the Define gate for a project. Once approval has been requested for that gate, an email is sent to Lia with verbiage that clearly indicates she must visit her PowerSteering Inbox in order to answer the gate approval question.

3. Export Option for Resource Review

Description: The Resource Review can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Benefit: Gives users that use the Resource Review the ability to share information in a portable format outside of PowerSteering.

Use Case: A Resource Manager wants to share information with users without granting them access to the Resource Review. The Resource Manager can export Allocation and Unstaffed Demand information from the Resource Review into Microsoft Excel and easily share it with users that don't have PowerSteering access, or don't have permission to access the Resource Review.

See the article How do I export data from the Resource Review? for more information about using this feature.

4. Metric Data Change Added to Report Wizard

Description: Three new options were added to metric report Columns.

Benefit: A user is able to produce a report on metric data changes at both the metric view level and the metric instance.

Use Case: A manager wants to know for which projects the Initial Estimate for the COST line item on the Financials metric was changed between 12/15/2015 and 01/15/2016 and which user made the changes. He can run a metrics report, select the three metric data check boxes under Metric/View details, filter by the Metric Data last change date, and get a report with all of this information.

Note: Metric is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. Your organization may use a different label to represent metrics on your site.

5. Gantt Chart in Dashboards

Description: A new option has been added which allows Administrators to include Gantt charts in Dashboard Layouts.

Benefit: A user is able to view Gantt charts for multiple projects on the Dashboard.

Use Case: A Project Manager uses the Dashboard to track progress on all projects that he is responsible for. By turning on the Gantt chart, he is able to view a visual time line for all projects in his portfolio.

6. Work Generation Option for Tags, Tag Dependencies, and Custom Fields

Work Generation Option for Tags, Tag Dependencies, and Custom Fields

Description: In Work Generation, a new option has been added which allows tag, custom field, and tag dependency values to be provided by the user when work is generated.

Benefit: A user will be prompted for the tag or custom field value upon Work Generation, preventing the potential for blank tags and custom fields in newly created work when the desired value cannot be automatically obtained. With this option selected, any tag or custom field that is required when creating new work is now also required when Work Generation is used.

Use Case: An Administrator has created a work generation template where the source work is a basic project and the target work is a gated project. The gated project has a required tag named Alignment, but the source work does not. The 'To be provided by user' option can be selected for this tag in the Work Generation template, and the user generating new work will be prompted to enter a value for the Alignment tag.


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