Administrator Release Notes and Instructions

The following information has been written to help administrators understand the tasks and impact of the Fall 2015 release.

1. Features Available Immediately Without Configuration

These are the features and or changes that users will see when Fall 2015 is released into production. Some features will only be visible to some users based on existing permissions and other configurations. But there are no new configurations or permissions that control whether users will see the changes. In general, these are the features that you will need to notify users about.

  • A precision level selection has been added to the Resource Review so hours can now be displayed either as whole numbers or whole numbers with tenths.
  • The message field on issues and discussions can now be edited by the original author after they have been submitted.
  • Row numbers can now be added to Report Wizard reports.
  • Users now have the ability to add one or more metric items to Report Wizard reports.
  • A visual indication of the layout name has been added to the upper right corner in Project Central.

2. Features That Require Configuration By An Administrator Before They Can Be Used

Administrators will see new configuration options, but there is no impact on users until the features have been set up by an administrator.

  • Tags and custom fields, groups, and default work tree locations can now be required for new users invited to or imported into PowerSteering.
  • A new Project Report template was added to allow more configuration and layout options.
  • Status report grace periods were added to the Question Reminder Agent to allow for more flexibility on status report expiration.  If you are currently using the status report feature, the addition of these grace periods has likely affected the status report expiration behavior you are used to seeing. Please see the article Important Information About Status Report Changes for more information about this feature.

3. Additional Administrator Information

Below is additional information for the administrators.

  • Resource Calendar and Alternative Calendar support has been added to the REST API.
  • As part of on-going security process improvements, each release now goes through a security audit using industry standard best practices. Any new issues uncovered are remediated before the software is released.
  • Modifications were implemented that resulted in noticeable improvement in the time it takes to load a Portfolio in certain circumstances. It is most noticeable for customers with large numbers of projects and large portfolios.
  • Java has been updated to the latest version, Version 8, to take advantage of Java bug fixes.
  • Jaspersoft has been updated to the latest version which includes bugs fixes in the product, functional improvements, and some performance improvements.
  • Industry and best practices for building and deploying web applications are now followed for the PowerSteering application. This will help stability issues that were seen in the past when deploying new versions of the software.
  • The in-memory and table size of measure definitions has been reduced. For clients with larger measure usage, the decrease in memory will help stabilize the system.
  • The manner in which dates are stored has been internally optimized in order to avoid an expensive computation when working with dates. This will improve performance in areas of the product that are date intensive.

4. Browser Support

  • PowerSteering is beginning to align with Microsoft's browser support plan which advocates staying current for a variety of performance and security reasons. Customers should begin preparing for our Spring 2016 Release where PowerSteering will only support Microsoft supported version of IE. Learn more about Microsoft's plans here:


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