Feature Release Notes

Below is a summary listing of the features included in the PowerSteering Fall 2015 release. For a more detailed look at each feature, including a short tutorial video, see the Fall 2015 What's New manual. This article describes the Fall 2015 features.

1. Collaboration Improvements

Editing an Issue or Discussion: The Message field for issues and discussions can now easily be edited after they have been submitted. This field can only be edited by the original author of the issue or discussion.

2. User Creation Options

Required Fields for New User: A new Admin Configuration menu option, User Creation Options, has been added and gives Administrators the ability to configure whether tags and custom fields, groups, or default work tree locations are required when inviting or importing new users into PowerSteering.

3. Project Central Improvements

Project Hierarchy Filtering: A new Hierarchical View has been added as a filter option in Project Central. This view allows you to maintain your filter criteria while not losing site of where these particular items fall within your work break down structure.

Layout Name: Project Central now displays a visual indication of the layout name in the upper right corner. When the layout has been modified by adding or removing columns, this name will appear in italics until changes have been saved.

4. Project Reports

New Template: A new project summary report template, PSProjectSummaryV2.jrxml, has been added and allows for more control over configuration and layout options.

5. Resource Review Improvements

Precision Level: A new Precision Level option has been added to the display options to allow for greater precision when scheduling partial hour increments. Assigned effort and available hours can now be displayed as either whole numbers or whole numbers rounded to the nearest tenth. The selected precision level can also easily be applied to all existing Resource Review layouts.

Resource Pool Column: Resource managers can now add a Resource Pool column to the Resource Review which allows for easy visibility of a user's resource pool or the required resource pool for unallocated work.

6. Reporting Improvements

Row Numbers: Row numbers can now be added to reports with the addition of a new User Defined Column. Project Managers will find this column helpful, as it provides an easier way to reference line items on a report.

Ability to Add Metric Items: Historically, only one metric could be reported at a time.  With the addition of a new User Defined Column, users are able to add as many metric items to a report as desired.

7. Status Report Improvements

Grace Periods: Four new status report grace period settings have been added to the Question Reminder Agent for each type of status report (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly) to allow for better control over when status reports expire. Status reports can now expire on either the grace period end date or the status report end date.


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