How do I make a group required when inviting or importing a new user?

A new menu item called User Creation Options has been added to the Admin Configuration menu. Administrators can now determine whether a group must be specified when a user is invited to or imported into PowerSteering. This article describes how to make the Group field required when inviting or importing a new user.

1. Click User Creation Options

Click User Creation Options
  1.    On the Icon Bar click the Admin button.
  2.    Click Configuration to expand the menu, then click User Creation Options.

2. Select At Least One Group Must Be Specified

  1. Select the check boxes to require a group when inviting a new user and importing new users using a spreadsheet.
  2. Click Save.

3. Inviting Users

  • The Groups field now appears as a required field on the Invite/Create New User page.

4. Importing Users

  • If the Groups field is omitted from the user import file, you will be prompted with an error.


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