What was improved in the new Project Report template?

A new Project Report template has been added to give users more configuration and layout options. This article describes the improvements that were made in the new Project Report template.

1. Click Project

Click Project
  • On the Icon Bar, click the Project button.

 Note: Clicking the Project button on the Icon Bar will take you directly to the Summary page of the last work you visited.

2. Click Add New

  • In the Project Reports section, click Add New.

3. Edit Report Details

  1. Enter report details and schedule information.
  2. Click Save.

Name: This is the name of the report.

Report Template: This is the .jrxml template that the report will use.

Location: This is the location where your report will be saved. The current project is the default selection for this field.

Default action: There are two options for this field. Run on Demand means that the report will be run each time a users wants to view the output. Retrieve from Last Run will display the output from the last time the report was viewed.

Description: The description is optional but can be helpful for those that want to understand what the report will present.

Frequency: This option is used to schedule reports to run and send automatically. You can select a frequency of Never, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly.

Email to: If a frequency is selected, this field determines to which PowerSteering groups or users will receive the report. The report can also be distributed to external email addresses.

Format: If a frequency is selected, this field determines the output file format.

Zip Attachment: If selected, the output file will be emailed as a zipped file.

Message: If a frequency is selected, this field determines the text that appears in the body of the email message.

4. Click Project Reports

  • Click Project Reports to expand the section.

5. Click Edit Filters

  • Click the name of the report that you just created, then click Edit Filters.

6. Improved Filter Layout Page

  • The old template displays all filter sections regardless of whether they are in the Selected box or not. The new template is designed to be more intuitive. Filter sections are displayed for only those items in the Selected box and filters are also clearly grouped by section.

7. Schedule Section

  • The schedule options now appear in a tabular format on the report for easy readability. Duration has also been added to this section of the report.

8. Team Section

Team Section
  • The new Show Team data as columns selection allows you to specify whether team information is reported in rows or columns. The user's Resource pool has also been added to this section of the report.

9. Work Breakdown Section

Work Breakdown Section
  • Additional options have been added to the the Work Breakdown section to allow for further customization.

Show Gantt: Select this check box to have the Gantt chart displayed in the Work Breakdown section of your report.

Filter by tag: To display work items that have specific tag values, select a tag name from the first drop-down menu then select the check box next to the tag values you want to include.

Show Action Items: Select this check box to include action items in the Work Breakdown section of your report.

Date range: Select the period of time that you want to report the work breakdown for.

10. Metrics Section

  • You now have the ability to report on up to three metrics from different views or metric templates.


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