How do I add metric items to a report?

Prior to the Fall 2015 release, only one metric could be reported at a time. With the addition of a new user-defined column, users now have the ability to add one or multiple metric items to new and existing reports. This article describes how to add metric items to a report.

Note: Metric is a replaceable term in PowerSteering. Your site may be using a different term for this word.

To view a brief tutorial video please scroll to the bottom of this article.

1. Click Report Wizard

Click Report Wizard
  1. On the Icon Bar click the Add button.
  2. Click Report to expand the menu, then click Report Wizard.

2. Select Category and Type

  1. Select a type and category for your report. See the article What does the Type tab do? for more information about this step.
  2. Click Continue.

3. Add Metric Value

  1. On the Columns tab, click User defined to expand the section.
  2. From the Column types drop-down menu, select Metric value.
  3. Click the green plus sign.

4. Select Metric

Select Metric
  1. In the Label field, type a name for your user defined column.
  2. From the Metric drop-down menu, select the metric you want to add data from.

5. Select Metric Information

  • Select metric information using the drop-down menus. Note: The options on this screen may appear differently depending on which metric is selected.

Label: The label for the report column.

Metric value source: This field is automatically populated based on the metric template you select.

Metric: The metric template that you want to report data from.

Item: The metric line item you want to report data from.

View: The metric view you want to report data from.

Period: The period of time that you want to report data from.

Currency: The currency you want the metric item to be reported in.

Exchange Rate Table: The exchange rate table you want to use for the metric item.

Programs: If reporting on programs, this option allows users to determine whether metrics will be rolled up and whether or not programs are included.

  • Rollup, exclude programs: The metric will be rolled up, but programs will be excluded.
  • Rollup, include programs: The metric will be rolled up, and programs will be include.

6. View Metric Value

  • View newly created metric value column. Repeat Steps 3 - 5 to add additional metric values to your report if needed.

7. Preview Report

  • Click the Preview hyperlink to preview the report with the newly added metric value columns.

8. View Tutorial Video

  • View a short informational video about adding metric columns to any Report Wizard report.


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