How do I enter an enhancement request?

PowerSteering now supports the ability to enter and track enhancement requests through the community. This article describes how to create a new enhancement support request.

1. Click contact support

  • From the Home page, click contact support.

2. Select PowerSteering Enhancement Request

Select PowerSteering Enhancement Request
  • Click Please select a ticket type, select PowerSteering Enhancement Request.

3. Enter Subject

  • Click Subject, enter the title of your enhancement request.

Note that PowerSteering will attempt to resolve your issue by proactively listing suggested articles for your review.

4. Enter Additional Information

Enter Additional Information
  1. Enter additional information for your enhancement request; add files as needed.
  2. Click Submit.

5. View Confirmation of Successful Submission

  • View the top banner message confirming of your enhancement request having been successfully submitted.

6. View Submitted Request

  • View your newly submitted enhancement request.

6.1. View Enhancement Request Status

  • Click your enhancement request link under My Requests to view status.


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