How do I view webinars?

The community has a special location where you can view webinars from our PowerSteering team and thought leaders in the industry. This article describes how to access the webinar page in the community.

1. Click My Products & Sections

  1. Click My Products & Sections, click PowerSteering, select Webinars.

2. Select Webinar

Select Webinar
  • Click to select the webinar you want to view.

3. Download Webinar

Download Webinar
  • Click to download the webinar content.

4. Complete Form

Complete Form
  1. Complete the registration form.
  2. Click Submit.
Click Webinar Link
  • Click the link for the webinar.

6. Open with Media Player (As Needed)

Open with Media Player (As Needed)
  • Open the webinar with your default media player. You can also save the file to view later.

7. View Webinar

  • View the webinar.


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