How do I change what I'm following?

Within the Forums section you have the option to follow a Topic such as Reporting or Production Management, so you never miss any information that is shared about those items. Over time, you may want to manage what you are following to control how many email notifications you are getting from the community. You can manage those follow settings individually within the Forums, or you can manage them in one place on the Following page. This article describes how to change what you are following in the community.

1. Click My Tickets

  • From the Home page, click My Tickets.

2. Click Following

  • Click Following.

3. Click Unfollow

  • Click Unfollow next to whatever article, topic or post you want to stop following.

4. View Confirmation Message

  • View the confirmation message at the top of the page indicating that you have stopped following an item. This item will no longer appear in the Following list.

5. Change Topic Following Preferences

  • Update the posts and comments option to change what you are following, or click Unfollow to stop following the topic completely.


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