How do I see things I've posted?

As a community user you are encouraged to create posts within the Forums. Those posts can be direct "how do I do something?" questions, or conversation starters like "what are people using as a best practice for program management?". This is YOUR community and we want you to get the most out of it that you can! To keep an eye on everything you've posted and / or commented on within the community, you can visit the Contributions page. This article describes how to see everything you've posted in the community.

1. Click My Tickets

  • From the Home page, click My Tickets.

2. Click Contributions

  • Click Contributions.

3. View Contributions

  • View posts that you have created in the Forums.

3.1. Click Forum Comments

  1. Click Forum Comments.
  2. View comments you have added to Forum posts that you or others have created.

3.2. View Article Comments

  1. Click Article Comments.
  2. View comments that have been added to articles in the Knowledge Base. Currently this is not enabled for the PowerSteering community.


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