How do I view my support tickets?

You can view your open support tickets by clicking into the My Tickets section of the community. This article describes how to view your support tickets in the community.

1. Click My Tickets

  • From the Home page, click My Tickets.

2. View Tickets

  • View your tickets.

2.1. Click Requests I'm CC'd on

  1. Click Requests I'm CC'd on.
  2. View tickets that other users have added you to by carbon copying you into their email response.

2.2. Click Organization Requests

  1. Click Organization requests.
  2. View all tickets for your organization.

Note: Not all users will have permission to view all tickets for their organization. If you feel this is something you need to see, please speak with your company's PowerSteering administrator and / or application owner so they can submit a request on your behalf.


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