How do I create a new Forum post?

When you have something on your mind, whether it is a question or just a conversation starter, you'll want to post it within the Forum. Once posted, others can add a comment and interact with you about your posting. This article describes how to create a new Forum post.

1. Click Forums

  • From the Home page, click Forums.

2. Click New Post

  • Click New Post.

3. Enter Post Information

Enter Post Information
  • Click Title, enter title name for your post. As you begin to type, the Community attempts to match what you are typing with posts that might already exist within the Forum as an effort to proactively answer your question.

Note: If one of the posts displayed in the Similar posts section matches what you need, simply click the post link to be directed to that area of the Forum.

4. Enter Additional Post Information

Enter Additional Post Information
  1. Enter the additional post information if you didn't find anything in Similar Posts that met your need.
  2. Click Submit.

Note: When you create a new post from the Forums level you will need to select a topic. If you create the post from within a specific Forum, the topic will be pre-selected to match that Forum.

5. View Post

  • View your new post. By default you will be set to follow anything you post to or comment on within the Forums. To learn more about your follow settings see the article How do I follow something? for more information.


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