How do I add a Forum comment?

As you grow to use the Forums more, you will want to communicate with other PowerSteering users. You can do this by adding comments to things you and others have posted within the Forums. Once you add a comment, or someone adds a comment to your post, an email notification will be sent. This article describes how to add a comment to an existing Forum post.

Note: This article starts the instructions at the Home page of the Community. If you receive an email notification about a post or a comment, you can use the link in that email to go directly to the post or comment within the Forum.

1. Click Forums

  • From the Home page, click Forums.

2. Select Forum Topic

  • Click the name of the Forum topic where you want to add a comment.

3. Click Post

  • Click the name of the post where you want to add a comment.

4. Enter Comment

  1. Click inside the empty field to display the editing tools and begin typing your comment.
  2. Click Submit.

5. View Comment

  • View your new comment. By default you will be set to follow anything you post to or comment on within the Forums. To learn more about your follow settings see the article How do I follow something? for more information.

6. View Email

  • Once you click submit, the owner of the post and anyone following the post and comments, will receive notification of your comment via email.


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