Status Reporting Periods Upgrade

Who: Project Managers

What: Enhancements to the behavior of status reports within PowerSteering when reporting periods are changed including:

1. PowerSteering logic will ensure the status reporting period dates are correct for the frequency selected. PowerSteering will not allow the date of a previous status report to influence the definition of the reporting period. If the frequency is changed to cause a "shortened" period, allow it and simply set the dates of the first period accordingly. Example: An unscheduled status report was submitted on Wed. The frequency is changed to Weekly with the week start designated as Monday. The next status report period will start on Thursday and end on Sunday. Subsequent reports will all be Monday to Sunday.

2. PowerSteering will not allow any status reports to be created in a period that finishes before the last status report, including if the frequency is changed. If a change in frequency causes a short first period adjust the dates accordingly. For example changing the frequency from weekly to monthly should result in the next period being the end of previous reporting period to the end of the current reporting period, followed by full-month reports after that.  

3. PowerSteering will not allow the start date of the first period of a status report to be earlier than the start date of the item (based on "scheduled start").

Why: Upgrade to system performance and logic.


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