Formula Enhancements for Effort

Who: Project Managers

What: New built-in functions for formulas to access effort/demand/allocation, supply, capacity and timesheet data.  

Why: Increased productivity with new analytic tools.

Formula Builder Projects Tab

effortOf: gives total hours of effort over a period, assigned, unassigned, for a particular role.

timeApproved: gives approved timesheet hours over a given period. Users can filter by activity code or role.

Formula Builder Groups & Users Tab

assignedHours: the number of assigned hours (allocation) for a set of users over some period.  Users can filter by role.

supplyHours: the number of supply hours (capacity) for a set of users over some period. Users can filter by role.

timeApproved:  gives approved timesheet hours for a given set of users over a given period.  Users can filter by activity code.


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