Converting a Project with Copied Assets

For this example assume we want to copy a project and most of its assets so that it can be repeated. Prerequisites are to create the appropriate template so that it is available. The list of transformations available to you are defined by the administrator. In this example, the transformation template has been defined with this new feature such that documents will be copied to the newly created project.

Access the Project to be Copied

View the summary associated with this project.

Note: This project has documents attached to it.

Select the Transformation Template

  1. Click the Work Generation button in the toolbar.
  2. Select Duplicate project.

View the Results

View the Results

Click the Remain here button to continue working with the current project, or the Go to newly created button to work with the new project.

View Copied Documents

You can see here on the resulting project that the documents were copied to the newly created project.


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