Example Scenario 1: Disruptive Project

In this scenario we play the role of a portfolio manager with a well established pipeline of projects planned over the next few months. The VP of sales has a potential customer who will not sign unless a key feature is added to the product. The CEO wants to know what has to be cut from the pipeline to add this feature immediately and what is the impact on the current portfolio strategy. For this scenario assume that the following pre-work is already in place before beginning:

  1. The newly requested project is created and exists as a backlog project
  2. Project attributes such as cost and resource estimates have been created
  3. The project doesn't already appear in the current pipeline portfolio
  4. The pipeline portfolio has been set up with FTE, Budget, and Benefit targets

Create a Sandbox Copy of the Current Pipeline Portfolio

Click Portfolio

Click Portfolio

Click Copy portfolio.

Enter Portfolio Information

Enter Portfolio Information
  1.    Enter text in the Name of new portfolio field.
  2.    Enter text in the Description field (optional).
  3.    Click Switch to new portfolio checkbox to load dashboard upon creation.
  4.    Click the OK button.

Add Newly Requested Project to Portfolio

Add Newly Requested Project to Portfolio
  1. Click Portfolio
  2. Select Add to portfolio.

Note: It might be helpful to also "Turn on portfolio planning" to make it easier to see the manipulation of the portfolio.

Select and Add Project to Portfolio

Select and Add Project to Portfolio
  1. Navigate the Work Tree to find the project you want to add.
  2. Click on the project to select.
  3. Click the Save button.

View Newly Added Project in Portfolio

Turn on portfolio planning

Turn on portfolio planning
  1. Click Portfolio.
  2. Select Turn on portfolio planning.

VIew Portfolios in Comparison Mode

Enter Comparison Mode

  1. Click the Plus button next to the Portfolio field to enter comparison mode.

View Side by Side Comparison

  1. Click the Portfolio drop down menu and select the original pipeline portfolio.
  2. Click the Go button.

Switch to Full Screen Mode

Switch to Full Screen Mode

Click the double arrow button in the upper right corner to enter full screen mode.

Review the impact

Here we see the increase in costs and resources needed to add this project to the portfolio. You can also see that we have exceeded certain targets of the portfolio. At this point we could ask for an increase in budget and resources and simply move the project from backlog to the pipeline. If that were possible then the portfolio manager, having fulfilled the mission of reporting the impact would move the status of the project to active pipeline and scenario would end here. Lets assume, however, that something in the portfolio must give way to allow the project to proceed.

Select projects to put on hold

Reverse sort the sandbox portfolio by priority and remove low priority projects until the budget and resource targets are met.

Note: The Grouping function has been turned off to make the projects easier to view and sort.

Exclude Projects from Portfolio

View Results of Excluding Projects


To summarize, a new important project was added and a couple low priority projects were removed.  Through the process the portfolio manager was able to see the impact of the changes on the budget and FTE targets. Also notice that we haven't impacted the overall benefits of the portfolio which are still on target.

These actions are clearly seen in the planner which makes it easy for the portfolio manager the execute the changes needed to implement the decisions once they are made.


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