Portfolio Comparisons Overview

Who: Portfolio Managers

What: Portfolio comparisons enables Portfolio Managers to view two portfolios, side by side, and compare them. With this feature, the dashboard view can be split into two halves, each showing a portfolio. All the tools available for dashboard filtering, grouping, sorting, content manipulation, summarization, and charting are available in each side of the view. This enables the user to solve complex analytical problems with ease. Here are some example scenarios that we will explore in this chapter.

  • Disruptive project - What happens if a new critical project is required when the project portfolio is already at capacity?
  • Annual planing - What are the possible portfolios that should be considered for next year?
  • Strategy re-alignment - What is the impact to our roadmap if the market strategy must change?
  • Resource planning - Where do I fit new demand into the pipeline given our planned capacity?

Why: Portfolio managers are often faced with complex decisions about what projects should be in their portfolio. They are also often faced with new demand that requires that the portfolio be re-arranged to accommodate the demand. The portfolio comparisons feature enables portfolio managers new analysis tools to help solve these complex problems.



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