Portfolio Variations Overview

Who: Administrators

What: When a user opens a portfolio in a dashboard and uses the system tools to change the composition of a portfolio – filtering, manually including, and manually excluding – they will then be able to save the result as a "Snapshot" of the current portfolio.  This new snapshot may be set up with or without an explicit relationship to the original portfolio.  The user will also be able to edit the portfolio on the portfolio edit pages without restriction.  They will have the ability to use the portfolio in other features such as the Executive Review, Resource Review, Report Wizard, et al.  

The users will also be able to create a copy of the portfolio from the Dashboard in much the same way they do it from the Portfolio page today.

Why: To streamline processing and centralize more work in the dashboard.  The user will be able to view new portfolios in the dashboard and compare them to other versions for the purposes of planning and analysis. The ability to manage and publish multiple portfolio variations allows the user to define their own success criteria in order to select the portfolio composition that best aligns with the strategic objectives of their organization.


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