Version 10 Summary

Here is an overview of all the features in PowerSteering version 10. Please see the corresponding articles for details about each feature.

Features that are available to everyone immediately

These are the features that users will see as soon as PowerSteering 10 is released into production. Some features will only be visible to some users based on existing permissions and other configurations. But, there are no new configurations or permissions that control whether users will see the changes. In general, these are the features that you will need to notify users about.

  • Online help system has been upgraded
  • Dashboards provide in-line editing of fields and tags by authorized users (Note that dependent and hierarchical tags cannot be edited in the dashboard)
  • Dashboard maximize button is moved
  • Authorized users can create portfolio variations and copies from the dashboard
  • Users can place a dashboard in "Portfolio Planning" mode for scenario management
  • Users can compare portfolios "side-by-side" in a dashboard for scenario reporting
  • Enforced Sequential Gate (ESG) rules have been improved to avoid conflicts and make planning easier
  • Project central has been changed to align projects with the new ESG rules
  • The project scheduler has been improved to have a better definition of the ASAP constraint that is not impacted by non-project work
  • All data types are now exported to excel using the proper format
  • Manage time sheets page can now display users that have not started their time sheets
  • The formula builder for measures has several new functions for access to capacity, allocations, and time entered
  • Authorized users can now mass attach and mass evaluate measures
  • Tasks have been renamed to action items
  • Status reporting periods now honor the proper period boundaries
  • The work load page now accurately reflects periods with real allocations
  • The work tree chooser will open up automatically to the last level used

Features that are available to users after configuration

These feature may be available to users after the administrator configures them

  • Charts are visible on dashboards
  • Project transformation templates can now copy more project assets such as documents, issues, risks, and action items

Features that are available to administrators

Administrators will see new configuration options, but there is no impact on non-administrator users until the features have been set up by an administrator.

  • New dashboard layouts are no longer automatically applied to existing portfolios
  • A new chart library is available to define charts that can be added to dashboard layouts
  • The work templates page is improved

Other features

  • API and SOAP web services improvements


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