Feature Release Notes

Below is a summary listing of the features included in the PowerSteering Spring 2015 release. For a more detailed look at each feature, including a short tutorial video, see the Spring 2015 What's New manual. This article describes the Spring 2015 features.

1. Project Central Improvements

Decimal Points in Resource List: Prior to the Spring 2015 release, the Resource List in Project Central did not support decimal points, so when a value with a decimal was entered for a resource assignment, the value was rounded either up or down to the nearest whole number in the Resource List. Now, decimal values are supported, so the hours displayed in the Resource List will always match those entered for the resource assignment.

2. Time Management Updates

Timesheet Description: A new button has been added to the manage time pages that will allow timesheet approvers to view any descriptions that a user has entered for timesheet line items.


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