How does an idea status get updated automatically?

When ideas are approved, the status will be set to On-Track instead of Complete. This is more in line with the process where there is an additional step needed after approval to convert the idea to a project. The status will update to Complete once the idea is converted to a project.

Note: Idea and On Track are replaceable terms in PowerSteering. Your organization may use different labels to represent ideas and / or the different statuses such as On Track, Needs Attention, etc...

To view a brief tutorial video please scroll to the bottom of this article.

1. Locate Idea

  1. Locate the idea that you want to approve.
  2. Click the link for that idea.

2. Click Approve

  • Click Approve.

3. Enter Information

Enter Information
  1. Enter information about why you are approving this idea.
  2. Click Approve.

4. View Updated Information

  • Verify that the state of the idea is approved, the status of the work is on track and the convert to project option is visible.

Note: You may want to review any portfolios with advanced formulas you have created for ideas since the status of Approved ideas has been changed from Completed to On Track. This could impact the information that is displayed and / or reported for those portfolios.

5. View Video Tutorial

  • View this brief tutorial video about how an idea status gets updated.


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