How do I manually update completed gated projects?

During the Winter 2015 release PowerSteering inadvertently updated the status of some projects to Completed. In order to revert the project back to its correct state, users must first reactivate the last approved and / or skipped gate, and then advance to the current active gate. Below are the instructions for reactivating a gate, advancing to the active gate and updating the percent complete values for gated projects that were inadvertently updated to a Completed status by the Winter 2015 release. If you are using the Percent Complete Agent to set your percent complete values, the instructions for running that agent to restore those values is also provided.

1. Locate Project

  • Using the Search and / or Work Tree option, locate the project where you need to make the status change.

2. Reactivate Gate

Reactivate Gate
  1. Click the hyperlink for the last approved and / or skipped gate for this project. If the project has not yet had any approved and / or skipped gates, the only hyperlink available will be the first gate.
  2. Enter a reason for the gate reactivation.
  3. Click Reactivate.

3. View Updated Project

  • View the updated project.

4. Click Advance

Click Advance
  1. Click Advance to move forward to the correct active gate for this project.
  2. Enter the reason for advancing the gate.
  3. Click Advance.

Note: The term Advance is a PowerSteering replaceable term. This term may appear different on your site.

5. View Updated Project

  • View the updated project.

Note: Advancing the gate will update the Actual and Scheduled Start and End dates for the gate you reactivated and the gate to which you advanced. You can use Project Central to modify those dates to their original values.

6. Update Percent Complete

Update Percent Complete
  1. Click the % Complete link.
  2. Enter the correct percent complete for this project.
  3. Click Update.

7. View Updated Percent Complete Value

  • View the updated percent complete.

8. Update Percent Complete Agent (Optional)

  • If you are using the Percent Complete Agent to control the percent complete for your gated projects you can follow the below steps to restore the percent complete value based on the active gate.

8.1. Click Admin

  • On the Icon Bar click Admin, click Configuration then select Agents.

8.2. Click Status Change

  1. Click Status Change. The agents are listed in alphabetical order, you may need to use the scroll bar to locate the Status Change link.
  2. Click Run Agent.

8.3. View Activity Log

  • View the activity logs for the Percent Complete Agent. You may need to use the scroll bars to view the log information.


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