How do I manually update completed non-gated projects?

During the Winter 2015 release PowerSteering inadvertently updated the status of some projects to Completed. Below are the instructions for updating the status and percent complete values for non-gated projects that were inadvertently updated to a Completed status by the Winter 2015 release.

1. Locate Project

Locate Project
  • Using the Search and / or Work Tree option, locate the project where you need to make the status change.

2. Click Status

Click Status
  • Click the Status link, select the correct status for this project.

3. View Updated Status

View Updated Status
  • View the updated project status.

4. Update Percent Complete

Update Percent Complete
  1. Click the % Complete link.
  2. Enter the correct percent complete for this project.
  3. Click Update.

5. View Updated Percent Complete

View Updated Percent Complete
  • View the updated correct percent complete value.


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