Administrator Release Notes and Instructions

The following information has been written to help administrators understand the tasks and impact of the Winter 2015 release.

1. Features available immediately without configuration

These are the features and or changes that users will see when Winter 2015 is released into production. Some features will only be visible to some users based on existing permissions and other configurations. But there are no new configurations or permissions that control whether users will see the changes. In general, these are the features that you will need to notify users about.

  • Idea reviewers now have the ability to reject an idea.
  • The status of an idea is automatically changed to On Track once it has been approved.
  • Project managers can now hide the resource management criteria conflict warnings during the user's session.
  • Project managers can hide and display multiple lines of resource assignments in Project Central as needed.
  • It is now much easier to assign people to work in Project Central.
  • Assignments and roles are now synchronized between the work summary, Project Central, and the user's profile.
  • Project Central now supports the display of a work items Master Project and Top Project in the Project Central grid.
  • Project Central has an "Automatic" expansion feature that will navigate the user to "Current" events making it easier find the next work that needs attention. In addition the Project Central will remember the last used expansion selection and automatically use it when the user opens the page.
  • Projects that are updated to the Canceled status will have their descendants set to the Canceled status at the same time.
  • Users can now select from four different percent complete methods - Manual, Task based, Effort based and Duration based.
  • The word Person that used to appear as a Project Central column has been replaced with the term Assignment.
  • The term split had been used to indicate when multiple resources were assigned to work. The term split has been deprecated from PowerSteering and replaced with the word assignment.

2. Features that require configuration by an administrator before they can be used

Administrators will see new configuration options, but there is no impact on users until the features have been set up by an administrator.

  • Custom text fields now support up to 10,000 characters - administrators can increase the size of their text fields up to 10,000 characters.
  • Work generation will now copy any manually managed references on the source project to the target project if desired - administrators can configure a work generation template to copy manually managed references from the source project to the target project.
  • Project managers can now enable or disable time entry on any work with the Project Time Control permission. By default all work will be set to enable time entry and no users will have the Project Time Control permission.
  • Project managers can now restrict time entry to only the persons assigned to the work with the Project Time Control permission. By default all work will be set to allow time entry by all users and no users will have the Project Time Control permission.

3. Features that must be enabled by Upland staff before they are available

These features will not even be visible to administrators until a request to turn the feature on is submitted to the PowerSteering support portal.

  • PowerSteering now supports advanced workflow.
  • Customers that use SSO (sIngle sign on) features can now configure their site to disable the log out button to prohibit local log out.
  • PowerSteering now has more complete support for government users that use CAC enabled authorization.

4. Additional Administrator Information

Below is additional information for the administrators.

  • New REST APIs are now available.
  • Work creation from templates has been redesigned to improve performance and to reduce contention with other users.
  • Customers should see improved cost management performance, especially when viewing metric information that includes cost roll-ups.
  • Customers should see better performance and less contention when creating new work, especially on very large work templates.
  • Customers see fewer issues with agents due to improved management processes.
  • Customers should see better dashboard performance due to an overhaul of the architecture.
  • Customers should see improved start up times due to improvements in memory management.
  • Version 1 of the Upland Platform Integration is available: Customers can now connect PowerSteering to the Upland Platform and synchronize Projects, Tasks, Organizations, and Users with other upland products.  Please contact your customer support manager for details on using other Upland products in your organization.
  • The Jasper reporting system for custom reports has been upgraded to the latest released versions.  jasperreports goes from 4.0.6 to 5.6.0 and dynamicjasper from 3.1.3 to 5.0.0. Customers may now use later versions of iReports to develop their custom reports and take advantage of recent improvements to the Jasper reporting engine. Please reference the Jasper site for more details.
  • Site URL's have been re-worked so that they all reference the site name instead of the server. This complies with recent security standards, improves the security of hosted sites, and eases the maintenance of firewalls and routing for organizations.
  • The reporting views have been improved to be able view all gate approvers of all gates. This allows custom report writers to create summary reports that list all the people that need to approve a project and what gate they approve.
  • The pagination icons on many of the tabular views have been improved to better match the new UI standards.


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