PowerSteeringPowerSteering API GuidePowerSteering API Guide PowerSteering API GuideHow do I access the PowerSteering REST API Documentation?

How do I access the PowerSteering REST API Documentation?

REST (Representational State Transfer) API provides a way to access and modify data in PowerSteering. It defines a set of architectural principles for defining Web services focused on system resources that can be addressed and transferred over HTTP. This article describes how to access the PowerSteering REST API documentation.

1. Sign Into PowerSteering

Sign Into PowerSteering
  1.    Type your User name and Password in the appropriate fields.
  2.    Click Sign in.

2. Replace URL Information

  1. In the URL, replace "Home.page" with "rest/documentation/v1/main".
  2. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

Note: PowerSteering may ask you to confirm your login credentials before the API page is populated.

3. View REST API Documentation

  • View the PowerSteering REST API documentation page.


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