Service Pack 3 Release Note Details

Below is a summary of the main issues and features addressed by this service pack. Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Note: This page could be updated as new information becomes available.

1. Alerts and Notifications

  • Fixed an issue in alerts/notifications where a proxy user was not identified as the user subscribed to receive the idea approval request alert.
  • Fixed an issue where alert subscriptions were not removed when a user was removed from a role on a work item.

2. Custom Fields

  • Fixed an issue where custom field text boxes were not wrapping properly on the Project Summary page.

3. Dashboards

  • Fixed an issue on the Dashboard where the text that appears when you hover over a portfolio name in the Portfolio drop-down menu of the Dashboard page was incorrect.  It used to always show the name of the last portfolio selected, now displays the name of the portfolio that is highlighted.

4. Home Page

  • Fixed an issue where sub-menus would sometimes become inaccessible if there was an error on the Executive Review being displayed on the user's Home page.
  • Fixed the Spring 2014 upgrade script so users that didn’t see a "Submit an idea / request" button on their Home page in V10 will not see a similar menu option in the Quick Links when upgraded to Spring 2014.

5. Project Scheduling

  • Fixed a bug related to changing the project status to Canceled. In some cases, a date error message was displayed on the Project Summary screen.

6. Report Performance

  • Made optimizations to improve the performance of reports that are configured to output to associated excel templates.
  • Fixed an issue where, if a client site is configured for SSO (Single Sign-On) report links in Custom Reports would not function correctly.

7. Report Wizard

  • Fixed an issue that was causing some reports with Arithmetic Calculation Columns to fail when the system was restarted.  

8. Status Reports

  • Fixed an issue where, depending on the way the Question Reminder agent is configured, status reports could expire prematurely and not allow you to enter a status report for the period.

9. Timesheets

  • Optimized the mass approval of timesheets.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom timesheet import where timesheets were not immediately readjusted when the new file was imported.

10. Visual Portal

  • Fixed an issue where Visual Portals were not working after the Spring 2014 upgrade if the portlet was based on a report that used weekly periods.
  • Fixed an issue where Visual Portals were sometimes not refreshing, even after clicking the refresh button.


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