Administrator Release Notes and Instructions

The following information has been written to help administrators understand the tasks and impact of the Spring 2014 version 11 release.

1. Features that are visible or available to all users immediately

These are the features that users will see when version 11 is released into production. Some features will only be visible to some users based on existing permissions and other configurations. But there are no new configurations or permissions that control whether users will see the changes. In general, these are the features that you will need to notify users about. Click here to access the What's New guide for version 11.

  • User Interface and Navigation
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Quick Links
  • History
  • Archived work in reports
  • Branding  -

Note: Branding will be reset to Upland defaults color scheme during the upgrade. Administrators should be prepared to reset the branding as needed.

2. Features visible to administrators, but hidden to users till configured

Administrators will see new configuration options, but there is no impact on users until the features have been set up by an administrator.

  • Cost Permissions - PowerSteering updated the Edit Cost permission into three distinct permissions. One to edit the budget information, one to edit the estimated costs, and one to edit the actual costs. Click here to read the article about this new feature.

3. Features only visible when configured by PowerSteering staff

These features will not even be visible to administrators until a request to turn the feature on is submitted to the PowerSteering portal.

  • Multiple Exchange Rate Tables - PowerSteering introduced the ability to create additional exchange rate tables. These new tables will enable you to view different and multiple exchange rates in dashboards and reports. Note that both the exchange rate and multiple exchange rate configuration settings must be enabled by a PowerSteering team member to use this new feature.  Click here to read more about this new feature.

4. Deprecated Features

The following features have been removed from PowerSteering.

  • The option to create new Classic Reports has been removed from PowerSteering. Users can still run and edit reports they created and saved using the Classic Reports feature, however they will not be supported by Upland after the Spring2014:V11 release. Users can create new reports with the Report Wizard.
  • Restore, Maximize and other window sizing options have been removed from the Dashboard, Project Central and Resource Review pages. These windows now open in full size mode by default.
  • The Last Visited link was removed from the PowerSteering menu and replaced with more powerful Favorites and History features.
  • The Welcome Back message has been removed from PowerSteering and will not be replaced. Users can view the number of unread items in their Inbox by an indicator over the Inbox button in the Icon Bar.
  • The Quick Links that used to appear at the top of the Home page have been moved to the bottom of the Navigation Menu. Users can now select which Quick Links appear and  control the order in which they are listed.
  • The Arbitrary CSS advanced option in Branding has been removed and will not be replaced. Administrators can personalize PowerSteering colors using the new Color Scheme option that has been added to the Branding page.
  • The Project Summary toolbar has been removed. Users can access project related tools such as Project Central, Costs and Edit Details by selecting the Project button from the Icon Bar and viewing the associated Navigation Menu.
  • The PowerSteering Walkthrough link has been removed from the Help menu.

5. Browser Support

PowerSteering is maintained to function properly on these supported browsers. Issues related to their use can be reported and will be addressed if reasonably possible.   PowerSteering makes every attempt to fully test the supported browsers periodically.

5.1. Full (non-mobile) browsers supported

  • Internet Explorer - IE10, IE9, & IE8 are supported.
  • Chrome - Most recent version. Google Chrome applies updates automatically; PowerSteering makes every effort to support the most recent version, however, anomalies occasionally creep in.
  • Firefox -  Most recent version. Firefox applies updates automatically; PowerSteering makes every effort to support the most recent version, however, anomalies occasionally creep in.
  • Safari - Most recent version.

Note: Some browser add-ons may conflict with PowerSteering’s functionality.

5.2. Other browsers (including mobile)

  • In most cases, other browsers provide a similar experience to the full browsers, however, they are not rigorously tested and issues related to their use may or may not be addressed at the discretion of the provider

6. Administrator Checklist Pre-release

The following list has been provided to help administrators prepare their users for the Spring 2014 version11 release.

  • Train users on the new user interface and navigation features. There are several resources to help. Orientation video, what's new, webinars, tutorials
  • Download and save any copies of walk-through files that you have posted to the system and make arrangements to host them elsewhere. There are instructions on how to do this in the what's new
  • Be prepared with new site logos and branding information. The branding will be reset to Upland default colors and logo. The new branding page has restrictions on logo sizes. You should be prepared with the following logos:

Header logo: 220x50 pixels maximum

Header high contrast logo: 220x50 pixels maximum

Print logo: 320x100 pixels maximum

Login logo: 360x80 pixels maximum

Email logo: 280x60 pixels maximum

Report logo: 280x60 pixels maximum

  • For customers that have classic reports, re-deploy the reports with the Report Wizard or custom reports. Administrators can determine if they have any classic reports by visiting the Manage Reports page and selecting the classic reports check box. Click here to read more about this new feature.

7. Administrator Checklist Post-release

The following list has been provided to help administrators prepare their users for activities that happen after the Spring 2014 version11 release.

  • Re-brand your site with the appropriate logos
  • Update any custom messages that were in place with version 10. See the article How did Branding change? for more information.
  • For customers with classic reports, remove them once re-deployed


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