V11 Release Note Details

Below is a summary of the main issues addressed by the Spring 2014 version 11 release. Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.


  • Fixed an issue that was caused when users downloaded a template from the PowerPoint tab on the Branding page.
  • Disabled the ability to upload PowerPoint templates on the Assets page of reports. See the article How did Branding change? for more information.
  • Updated the color setting for the Advanced Search text so it is included in the Top navigation text and icon color scheme value.
  • Added a restriction to only allow users to upload *.ppt files onto the PowerPoint Branding page.
  • Improved interface and error messaging when changing colors if incorrect values are entered.
  • Added a separate Display on page option for each locale on Custom Messages Branding page.

Charts (Admin)

  • Added an error message when charts cannot be created.
  • Filtered out wrong values of Truncate by field, when alternative calendars enabled


  • Added currency checks for formatter for metric, measure, cost and custom field columns to display the correct symbol in column menu.
  • Fixed issue when exchange rate data is not displayed.
  • Updated export to skip summaries with conversion errors.
  • Updated display for when currency values cannot be displayed. Dashboard will show red exclamation icon instead of a value. A message, explaining the reason also will be shown on dashboard and in annotation of each cell.
  • Updated display so currency in the exported file will be the same as on the dashboard.
  • Added multiple columns for alternative currencies.
  • Fixed an issue with calculating estimated and actual cost column values in the dashboard when a project and its children had costs in different currencies with different exchange rates.
  • Fixed an issue when the Portfolio Planning option on the dashboard leads to an error.
  • Fixed an issue so users cannot change the status of completed gated project on the dashboard.
  • Fixed an issue when size of the dashboard charts affects the size of the portlets.
  • Fixed an issue when an editable custom field cell on Dashboard displays <insufficient permission> even if the visibility rules are not applied.
  • Fixed an issue on Edit Dashboard Layout page when Column Names step doesn't show newly added columns.
  • Fixed inability to set custom names for the cost columns on Dashboard.

Exchange Rates

  • Updated exchange rates so they are displayed correctly in all locations.

Import / Export

  • Corrected export to format correctly for European users.
  • Fixed an issue with the metric import.

Formula Builder

  • Fixed an issue with docDeliverableCount function in the Formula Builder.

Important Links

  • Changed the title format of the important links displayed in the navigation menu to Name / Description.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed to edit Actual Duration in Project Central ¬†without having the Edit Actual Schedule permission assigned.
  • Corrected an issue that did not honor the permissions on the Person field when creating a new task.
  • Added checks for permissions on Agenda.

Profile Information

  • Fixed issue to print colors on users' workloads.

Project Central

  • Fixed display issue caused by different browsers.
  • Fixed an issue when updating Project Calendar on Project Central depends on Edit Control permission. Now it depends on Edit permission only.
  • Added a separator between shared and custom Project Central layouts in project navigation menu.

Project Information

  • Updated display so users that do not have View Risk permission do not see Risks in the project navigation menu.
  • Fixed issue for required tags work correctly with documents.
  • Fixed an issue for the date selector that didn't like Mondays.
  • Fixed an issue to stop users from receiving duplicate notifications.
  • Added automatic recalculation of labor estimates for all the projects using the default rate table when the default rate table is changed. A warning message will also appear that this recalculation will take place.
  • Fixed dates when converting project using Work Generation. Now all schedules are created with respect to target template schedules. Error messages will be displayed if there are any during the conversion.

Report Wizard

  • Updated report logic to ensure cost dates appear in reports.
  • Updated the report logic to include all tags and custom fields associated with selections on the Definition tab including portfolios.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden columns were visible and selectable.
  • Added an error message when charts cannot be displayed.


  • Fixed an issue that lead to inactive quick search in some versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Added ability to use quotations on text during searches to do exact matches.


  • Fixed an issue when the timesheet user's timezone was different from the site timezone and the first day of week is Saturday.

User Interface

  • Changed verbiage from My Agenda to Agenda.
  • Updated display so Idea Approval Request is always shown as a link.
  • Updated display so correct navigation menu items are visible.
  • Fixed display of the name/description separator on the tooltip of the Favorite link without description.
  • Fixed an unsaved data dialog box in Internet Explorer when the user clicks on Inherit cost settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the unsaved changes dialog box was not being displayed when using Safari 6.
  • Fixed an issue that leads to exception when a user tries to reject a document from his Inbox.
  • Fixed an issue where the user keeps receiving notifications about his assignment to the role in a project even if he was deleted from this role.
  • Fixed an issue when the quick search results overlap Help list and Where Am I? popup
  • Corrected a validation message for the Exchange Rates page.
  • Updated display to show project name on the Metrics and Measures pages.
  • Changed the secondary button color from white to gray.
  • Changed the color of the Cancel buttons on the Defaults and Define Categories pages.
  • Updated the background color of the Announcements page.
  • Updated the recent history on the Questions/Notifications tab in the user's Inbox when the user has active document approval question and approves/rejects the document using the document menu or the document details page.
  • Updated display so users without certain context permissions don't see the Other Work menu option.
  • Added filter to not show archived risks.
  • Updated display to hide the report Visual Portal option for users without view_reports permission.
  • Added updating the recent history on the Questions/Notifications tab in the user's Inbox when the user has active document approval question and approves/rejects the document using the document menu or the document details page.

Visual Portal

  • Updated logic to perform calculations using the timezone of the current user.
  • Fixed an issue when the Edit portlet window closed while loading data opens again.


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