Resolved Issues

Below is a summary of the main issues addressed by this service pack. Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Note: This page could be updated as new information becomes available.

1. Action Items

  • Updated the default Priority for new action items added in Project Central to 3.

2. Agents

  • Fixed an issue that prevented status report questions from being created for monthly status reports.

3. Dashboard Layouts

  • Corrected the formatting of values in the Metric Thresholds field on Dashboard layouts.

4. Financial Review Layouts

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Creator field from being updated with the correct user when a Financial Review layout was copied.

5. Formula Builder

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the isIdeaRejected function from working correctly.

6. Metrics

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users with permissions to edit metric instances from making edits without the Metric -- Set beneficiaries permission.

7. Reporting/Report Wizard

  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect capacities to be to be reported on User Allocation reports for sites where the context timezone was different than the timezone on the server.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented time stamps from displaying in the Microsoft Excel Formula Bar for time columns when reports were exported in Excel 2007 format.
  • Fixed an issue that caused selections on the Columns tab to be lost when traversing between Report Wizard tabs.
  • Fixed the initialization of the "Overlays" and "Draw Milestones as" drop-down menus in the Gantt column editor.

8. Resource Assignments

  • Fixed an issue that caused roles to instantly be assigned to user profiles before resource assignments were saved in Project Central.
  • Fixed a team/resource assignment synchronization issue that caused users assigned to the Champion role to remain as resource assignments in Project Central after being removed from the team on the Edit Details page.

9. Resource Review

  • Fixed a filtering issue that caused a 5000 items limit being exceeded error in the Demand section when there were less than 5000 work items.

10. Search

  • Fixed an issue that prevented newly created object types from appearing in search results until the server was restarted.

11. System Performance

  • Fixed an issue that caused decreased system performance when loading a page that was associated with a portfolio.

12. System Security

  • Fixed an issue that allowed access to the system source code through the user interface.


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