MB6 Release Notes Details

Below is a summary of the main issues addressed by this maintenance build. Individual customer cases will be updated by the support team through the portal. Cases will be closed out with customers upon confirmation that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction.

1. Documents

Fixed an issue where the document icon was displayed correctly as a Word document icon on the template, but shown as a generic document icon on the project.

2. Measures

Fixed an issue where the metricsLocked function in the Formula Builder was ignoring the date the view is locked to and returning an incorrect result.

3. New Feature - Alternative Calendar Scheduling

Added a new feature that enables you to use an alternative calendar to schedule a Status Report or a Report Wizard / Advanced report. The above screen shots show the addition of the alternative calendar to the Edit Details and Schedules page of reports on the left and the addition of the alternative calendar for the Reporting Calendar field for status reports on the Edit Details page. Click here to view documentation about the use of Alternative Calendars in PowerSteering.  

Note: You will only see the Alternative Calendar option in the Admin menu and scheduling fields if an alternative calendar has been loaded for your company. Only a PowerSteering team member can add an alternative calendar to your site.

4. New Feature - Classic Reports Filter

Added a check box to the Manage Reports page that will allow users to include a filter for reports that were created using the Classic Reports tool that will be deprecated in the Spring 2014 release. As shown in the above screen shot, select the Classic reports check box to display only those reports that were built using the Classic Reports tool.

5. New Feature - Metric Bulk Actions

Added a new feature that enables you to perform a set of actions for a specific group of work items. You can filter this group of work items by first selecting a portfolio and then further define that list by selecting tag values. The above screen shots show the selection process of what action you want to perform on the metrics on the left, and the aftermath of those actions on the right. Click here to view documentation about the use of the Metric Bulk Actions in PowerSteering.

Note: You must have a specific permission assigned to perform any of the bulk metric procedures.

6. Project Central

  • Fixed issue caused by filter dates using the "Any" option.
  • Fixed issue where ASAP start dates were not being correctly set to reflect the start date of a parent project.

7. Reporting

Fixed a problem in the report system that when loading a large Excel spreadsheet as a reporting asset caused several issues for users. This error manifested itself as Gateway timeout errors trying to access various parts of the reporting system. We are still working on the root cause that made these Excel spreadsheets a problem. Until the root cause is solved we have added a safeguard to prevent these problematic assets from being loaded.

8. Resource Planning

Fixed an issue that did not honor the permissions on the Person field when creating a new task.

9. User Profile

Fixed an issue to display roles in the correct order on the User Profile page.


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