How do I view the top and master project information in Project Central?

Users can now display the master and top project information as columns in Project Central. This is useful when you have several projects that contain the same name or type of task that you want to manage or organize in a single view. Master project is the project that a task belongs to; Top project is the highest level project that a task belongs to. They will only be different when you have created sub-projects in the work tree. This article describes how to filter your view to see similar named tasks with the master and top project columns.

To view a brief tutorial video please scroll to the bottom of this article.

1. Select Project Grouping

Select Project Grouping
  • Use the Work Tree to select a group of projects that you want to view in Project Central. See the article How do I access the Work Tree? for more information.

2. Select Project Central

  • On the Project Navigation Menu click Project Central, select a layout.

3. Click Filters

  • Click Filters, the project plan will lower to reveal a page of fields.

4. Enter Filter Criteria

  1. Select the criteria for your display filter. See the article How do I filter my display? for more information.
  2. Click Apply options.
Enter Filter Criteria

5. Click Columns

  1. Click Columns, click the context sensitive arrow next to Project.
  2. Select the Master project and Top project check boxes.

6. View Updated Display

  • View the updated display with the filtered criteria and additional Master and Top project columns. You may need to expand the column width to view more information. From this point you can now update project schedules and / or project task assignments while keeping in view the Master and Top project information.

7. View Video Tutorial

  • View this short informational video about how you can view the top and master information for a project in Project Central.


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