How did terminology change with this release?

As part of the new release there was a change to the terminology used within PowerSteering. This article describes the key terms that were updated.

To view a brief tutorial video please scroll to the bottom of this article.

1. Assignments

There is no longer a distinction between a person that is assigned through the Edit Details page and a person that is assigned in Project Central. Any person that is directly entered onto work in either place will be referred to as an assignment.

2. Person

The word Person that used to appear as a Project Central column has been replaced with the term Assignment. The term assignment refers to any person that is directly entered onto work through Project Central, the Edit Details page or the Resource Review.

3. Splits


The term split had been used to indicate when multiple resources were assigned to work. The term split has been deprecated from PowerSteering and replaced with the word assignment.

4. Allocation


The term allocation refers to anytime the effort on an assignment is greater than zero.

5. Demand

All allocations, assignments where the effort is greater than zero, will be referred to as demand.

6. View Tutorial Video

  • View this short informational video about the new PowerSteering terminology.


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